Vulkan vs OpenGL – part 2

1.3.2017 0

The previous article was devoted to a bit more general overview of the new Vulkan API. In the next article, we’ll look Vulcan under the […]

Vulkan vs OpenGL – part 1

5.1.2017 0

From the point of view of the developers making multiplatform applications using graphics acceleration, the year 2016 was definitely breakthrough. The new graphical APIs undoubtedly […]

Fichtl and 21. century

12.6.2016 2

“Some projects are made for a money, some because they make sense. Some simply because they are so faraway from both.” Jawa 20, 21, 23 […]

Tasting HTC Vive

15.3.2016 0

Virtual reality is perceived as the next “big thing”, as a new way of how people will play games and consume multimedia content. Maybe it […]

Moving from ATmega to ATXmega

20.2.2016 0

Patříte-li mezi příznivce Atmelu, vyrostli jste z Arduina a možnosti série ATmega už vám nestačí je čas se poohlédnou po dospělejší sérii mikrokontrolérů.

When USB 2.0 is not enough

20.10.2015 0

When you are designing a peripheral device, which is supposed to to communicate with a PC by wire, USB is the clear choice. A USB […]